How much planning is in Casey Neistat’s Vlogs?

I just watched the Vlog from Casey Neistat where he explains how he creates his vlogs. He gives a amazing insights. Everything started with the thought: Create a Vlog like a Movie. Because prior to Casey typical Vlogs where only talking into a camera shots. There is much more interesting stuff in the video, so I copied a link to his video in the next headline. While watching his video, i noticed something! There is so much more planning in his shot! When i applied the guidelines rules to his shots, i was blown away. This is what I found!


A simple Summary of tips he gives in this video:

  • Balance between Handheld shots, Locked Shots (Tripod Shots) and Establishing Shots (wide angle)
  • Simple rule to Hardware (Cameras) – Always use the very best Camera at your disposal.
    • In a Studio he uses his best Camera, his best lens and lights to make him look beautiful.
    • On a run he only uses his Phone.
  • Hold the Camera Stady!
  • Timelapes & Drone Shots: Noone gives a fuck! Only use it to serve a bigger purpose, for example:
    • Transitional shots in between 2 locations.
    • Showing a broader Image of where you are at the moment.


  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Guide Lines (Leading Lines)
  3. Symmetry
  4. Creating Depth & Focus
  5. Balance Diagonally
  6. Framing
  7. Dominant Subject

Check out how Casey uses Guide Lines to make his Video Cinematic

How much planning is in Casey Neistats Vlogs - without Red Lines
This is one of his typical talking to the Camera shots from his Office.

I was curious how he was using guidelines in his setup. So I opened Photoshop and started placing Guidelines on top of this shot you just saw. While doing this, i was blown away how many little details he placed to create even more guidelines in this shot. Why is this so interesting? Because his office feels like a total crowed and overfilled workplace… but with this trick. Using so many guidelines he created a very well thought composition! Look for yourself:

How much planning is in Casey Neistats Vlogs - COVER
After i placed Guidelines on top of the frame.

You will start noticing that he changed almost all position of the equipment in his surrounding. Not just the books, or the Camera Screen. Also check out the lines on the table. This could easiealy be misplaced but he made sure, that he is perfectly in composition. So i ask you this question, how much planning is in the shots of Casey Neistat? The vlogs feel natural and raw. But at the same time he uses so many Filmmaking elements.

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