About eXlima

eXlima is a resource run by me, Daniel Kovacs, to help you
build your Website and elevate it to an online business.

Who is Daniel?

I’m an inspired traveller in my early thirties who learned about content creation, web design & blogging because I had to.
Like so many other people, I’m on my Plan B career.

Content Creator

Daniel Kovacs

Content Creator & Web Designer

I graduated in germany as a certified mechanical technician (mechanical engineer degree) and went to work for an engineering company. I thought i’m on the right path — but there are some parts of life we can’t control. I wasn’t happy! So I left Germany in 2015 and moved to Vancouver, Canada. 

I worked in the movie Industry as a 3D Designer. As far back as I can remember, there was always the desire to make things. So I founded “Working Holiday Kanada” in 2016. I share my experience about Canada on the blog. Since than I was obsessed with learning everything about content creation, digital marketing, blogging, web design & building an online business.

The real power I found during that time was that I could take control of my future. Running an online business built around my passion allowed me to stay true to myself.

“Why work for the dream of someone else, if you could work on your own?”

I want to share the techniques I learned with other people in similar situations.

That’s why I founded eXlima!

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