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Hi, I’m Daniel and eXlima is resource for Filmmakers, YouTubers and Bloggers who are building an online presence. Today we are “Filmpreneures”!

Welcome to my Blog eXLima

This Blog started out of the idea to share the Problems I have to deal through my Entrepreneur Journey. Topics from Webdesign, Wordpress, Filmmaking, YouTube and Blogging. Things that you will maybe face aswell.


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“If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth” 🥰 -> Last year I spent 3 months on a Road Trip through Western Australia. I hitchhiked from Melbourne to Adelaide where I joined an amazing group. With 2 cars we drove to Perth and called our self the “Perth Gang”. While 2019 was my most successful year, business wise. It also was the most mental challenging year. I did not know where to go after Australia! I was lost and I was too old to get another Working Holiday Visa. Also, when you do long-term travelling it is hard to have deeper connections. You meet a lot of people and you make a ton of experience. But is very hard to bond. You start to like people and then you move on. “Only if you free yourself you are able to perceive what the world has to offer”

This story is about love and how I met a girl that made me feel this connection again. On the west coast I had no internet! So I took a break from my work. Actually this was my first HOLIDAY since I started my Blog in 2016. Elina! (@elinapalokoski ) Thank you for every minute we spent together. The campfires, the hikes, the beaches and the long conversations.

Simple: I love you!

Go out there, travel and fall in love. If not for this for what else?
How much money do I earn from YouTube with 3000 Subscribers ??? This is my 3.000 Sub Special 😘