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Hi, I’m Daniel and eXlima is resource for Filmmakers, YouTubers and Bloggers who are building an online presence. Today we are “Filmpreneures”!

Welcome to my Blog eXLima

This Blog started out of the idea to share the Problems I have to deal through my Entrepreneur Journey. Topics from Webdesign, Wordpress, Filmmaking, YouTube and Blogging. Things that you will maybe face aswell.


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It’s only Failure when you quit! This is Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos ) 1999 working in his first Office for I saw this image a couple of weeks ago while moving to Barcelona in the middle of COVID-19. I work on my own business since 4 years. And I can tell you, currently is one of the sacristy times ever! I started my website while living in a Camper Van. I lived in it for 3 years to reduce my cost of living!

Since one year my Website generates enough income so that I can buy food and survive in cheap countries. All of this was reduced to zero while COVID-19 started. NO TRAVEL = NO MONEY! Many people would stop! But I don’t.

Today I was not selected for a position at Amazon here in Barcelona. I had my interview yesterday and did my 1 hour assignment test last week. I thought, I would be the perfect match for Amazon and his “ALWAYS DAY 1” (Start-Up culture). But I wasn’t.

I share this story, because when people look at successful people, they never see how hard they had to work before they became successful! How many times they failed! Today is not a failure! It is what I do whit it!

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