In January I was part of a competition for a video editor position from Lizzie Peirce. Together with 5 other applicants we had to create her first VLOG. We got complete creative freedom and should create our own interpretation. The winner will become the vlog editor for Lizzie Peirce. Did I got the Job from Lizzie Peirce? Today you will find out.


Lizzie Peirce is a videographer, photographer and YouTuber from Toronto in Canada. Together with Chris Hau they run a video production company KNOW HAU MEDIA besides their YouTube Channels. Both of them are a huge inspiration to me. Especially Lizzie’s style on how she provokes emotions. To give you an example watch her video:
WHY I’M A CREATOR – in 60 seconds (YouTube @Lizzie Peirce)
The two videos that literally made me cry are “The Little Things” and “COUCH POTATO to FULL-TIME TRAVELER (the key to reaching your life goals)”. I guess I cried because both topics scratch on areas where I struggle a lot. Long term traveling can make you very lonely. Her journey had a  huge impact on my craft, style and my own entrepreneurial journey.


Daniel Kovacs editing the Video from Lizzie Peirce complete
Editing the First VIdeo for Lizzie (Photo Daniel Kovacs)
Back in November 2019 I created a video for Lizzie. The idea for this video came from an Instagram Story where she was looking for an assistant. I immediately started to edit the video. Not even realizing that the position she offered was not for a video editor.
Lizzie Peirce looking for an assistant
Hiring an Assistant (@lizziepeirce)

Why did I create the video?

The answer is multilayer. First I like to do things that nobody else does. This is very important to me. Far more important than making money. Money was never the driving force behind my business. I only want to do things that I want. I created the video to separate my application from the other applicants. In the middle of editing the video I also got 2 more reasons to finish it. First I got the feeling that Lizzie is to busy to create her own 2 Years Rewind. Maybe there is a higher reason that I’m at the right time at the right place. I just returned home from my 4,5 years of travelling and I had the time to do it. Second I started to learn and improve my own editing skills. It makes a big difference if you only edit your own videos or if you can edit for someone else. I maneuvered myself into a position where I could not lose. Fast forward in December Lizzie was looking for an video editor position. I already finished the video and I was waiting for a response. After I saw the Instagram Story I pushed harder so that she notice my video.
Lizzie Peirce Looking for an Video Assistant IG
Hiring an Video Assistant (@lizziepeirce)

You won’t believe what she did, after I made a video for her:

You won’t believe what she did, after I made a video for her ( YouTube @Working Holiday)
On 24th December, she responded. This was the best Christmas present I could imagine!
IG message from Lizzie Peirce
Text on Christmas (@lizziepeirce)

Did i get the Video Editor Position?

On the 11th of January all the Applicants got a DropBox Download Link to her footage. 49 GB of Data! This was a problem. I went through 3 different SIM Cards just to download everything. The Deadline for this competition was the 15th of January 12pm. I almost screwed up with the time. In Europe we have the 24 hour system. And I thought 12pm is midnight. But 12pm is Midday. I texted Lizzie but she was fine as long she gets my video on the same day. Last Friday I got an email from Lizzie. The Email that told me if im the editor or not. If you want to know watch my video from today:
DID I GET THE JOB FROM LIZZIE PIERCE ??? – The Secret Project Part 3 (YouTube @Daniel Kovacs) Thank you for reading! Go and follow Lizzie Peirce she is amazing!


Btw. I started a new YouTube Channel! Go and Subscribe: www.YouTube.com/DanielKovacs Also Read:

Ciao Daniel 🙂

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Did you try Van Life? In my 5 years travelling i lived almost 3 years in 3 different Camper Vans. All self-converted. Besides saveing a ton of money #VanLife gave me the minimalism mindset. Still today I only have my Backpack & my Camera. ⁠ .⁠ Lizzie Peirce made a short documantary where she features Matthew Littlewood (@littlewood.photography) the owner of this Van. (Btw. he is an amazing photographer go follow him) The documantary provoked alot of emotions on my side. Especially the part when she interviewed Matthew. I could not hold my tears from streaming down my face. WHY?⁠ Because I could related. 2 years in Canada with Betty (My Camper). So many things and struggles and feelings that happend in that time.⁠ This Video was one of the main reasons why I created the video I made for Lizzie Peirce. I guess you already know about this. If not. Check out her YouTube Channel. Look for the video: 2 Years on YouTube.⁠ CANADA CHANGE MY LIFE⁠ Photo by Lizzie Peirce @lizziepeirce #jaspernationalpark ⁠ Tag a friend who loves VAN LIFE 😍⁠ .⁠ .Follow @workingholiday.blog⁠ .Follow @workingholiday.blog⁠ .Use #WorkingHolidayBlog to get featured⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .#travelinspiration #travelquotes #backpackerstory #travelforlife #travelsoul #traveleverywhere #travelstory #traveladdicted #travelnow #travelawesome #wanderlusting #shewhowanders #passportready #traveldestination #travelpassport #nextdestination #workandtravel #workingholiday #canada #campervan #ontheroad #canada #canadavanlife #lizziepeirce #ilovecanada

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