Don’t host your course with SKILLSHARE! – Here is why.

In this article i will talk about what Skillshare is doing to his Creators and Teachers. How they being a shady Company that those not really have the good of the Students or their Creators in their Mind. Start with our personal story with Skillshare:

[Video] Skillshare Just CANCELLED our Classes.

For more evidence just watch this Video here:

Conclusion: What do i think

First of all lets clear up one thing. I did not create this article just because i want to rent about a Skillshare. Its important that these behaviours from companies like Skillshare are exposed. We decided to avoid Skillshare at all cost. It’s just not worth it. And even if you would be on the low percentage that actually makes a good amount of money. You would 10x that if you would host your course somewhere else. Because Skillshare will always take a 70% cut.

I used that opportunity to give my two Classes which were deleted from Skillshare for FREE to my DaVinci iPad MasterClass Students. Because How to use your iPad/iPhone to be more Productive and also to know how to actually use the Siri Shortcuts App will make you a better Creator. So the Classes are still relevant.

Just because a Class is in a niche topic and has a low number of people interested it should not be punished. Wisdom is wisdom. And if classes help people then why should they delete them?

The answer is simple: Money! From the outside they would love to be seen as the Plattform MasterClass. But they aren’t… They choose a different path by opening up the doors for everyone. But now they punish thousands of Creators who trusted Skillshare. They even force customers into subscription… Simply NO… Avoid Skillshare at all cost!

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