Video production in Melbourne for restaurants, bars & cafés.

Video production in Melbourne for restaurants, bars & cafés.   

Who am I

In a time where Instagram & Facebook video content becomes popular every day, it is important to have a pleasing and authentic social media presence. I’m Daniel a content creator, youtuber & passionate filmmaker from Germany. In 2015 I moved to Vancouver where I was part of the movie industry (Hollywood North).

Daniel Kovacs Filmmaker from Melbourne

✩ YouTube: Working Holiday
✩ Instagram: ex.Lima
✩ Work & Travel Blog: WorkingHoliday.Blog
✩ German Canada Blog: Working Holiday Kanada


What I do

Short, simple, different! I specialized in short teasers from the perspective of your customer to better connect your brand with your main target. Videos are ideal for Facebook & Instagram ads, storys & posts.

Let my videos speak for themselves

Portfolio: Brands based in Melbourne

Mr. Tulk Café (328 Swanston St.)

Smith Kebabs (225 Chapel St.)

Starbucks (295 Swanston St.)

Two Peck (270 Swanston St.)

Kung Fu Burger (355 Chapel St.)

Soda Rock Diner (10/500 Chapel St.)

Hunky Dory (670 Chapel St.)

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